Tàileasg air loidhne an-asgaidh. Cluich tàileasg ann am prògram air a bheil dreach glan. Gun chlàradh, gun sanasachd, gun fheum air plugan. Cluich tàileasg an aghaidh a’ choimpiutair, charaidean no nàimhdean air thuaiream.
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Barrachd » Fèill-chluichean fosgailte
U2000 SuperBlitz 57m 30
Hourly Crazyhouse 27m 10
Hourly Blitz 57m 76
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 61
Hourly Bullet 27m 60
Daily Bullet 1h 0
Estrin 7+0 Rated 1h 20m 12
Mieses 0+1 KotH Rated 1h 10
de Lucena 2+0 3check Rated 45m 9
del Corral 3+2 Atom Rated 45m 9
del Rio ½+0 Rated 30m 11
Medina 2+0 Rated 25m 3
Muzychuk 3+0 Rated 55m 5
Nedeljković 4+2 horde Rated 1h 1
Barrachd » Simultaneous exhibitions
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  1. Team Matches ya_boy_Agent Yeah that's a good idea and would help with Lichess Olympiad :P +1
  2. Team Matches IsolatedPun-Youtube Lichess has teams, but there more like groups. Maybe we can implement …
  3. Lichess Philippine Chess Feder… duropo Any other Filipinos playing here?
  4. Smothered mate oAbacaxi Ah, great game, well played! I have never done it in normal chess.
  5. Advanced Search "Request" DaanNoordenbos downloading all your games is all ready possible
  6. Experimental area to explore n… duropo I plan of creating a chess variant with the following initial drafts. …
  7. Advanced Search "Request" SmileyBoy Download of games in one PGN format ;) Seems good?
  8. Smothered mate DaanNoordenbos When you do it in an OTB game. you will feel even better ;)
  9. Experimental area to explore n… JacquesD People in this forum often request the inclusion of some new chess var…
  10. You are not that mad pranav15 Well that was funny xD. Atleast lichess is getting free publicity ;)
  11. You are not that mad hellSp4wn https://www.facebook.com/Lichessorg-do-NOT-support-it-104752952192…
  12. Smothered mate nchebykin gg wp. Nice play.
  13. Smothered mate Hedgehogs4Me It really does feel good. I've gotten one in before myself, and even t…
  14. OPENING MASTER Competition rzenaikrzys Hi All :) This is competition about Opening, Winner will be OPENING…
  15. help with calculation dearprudence Pawn endgames are great for calc practice
  16. help with calculation hanishburger1st i can't get above 1890 on tactics trainer.i just can't keep all the mo…
  17. Smothered mate droceretik I feel so pleased with my self because I finally managed a smothered m…
  18. puzzle 27884 Rairden Even my note3 phone SF found Qg4 after 7-8 seconds.
  19. Lichess Olympiad 2016!!! harrison100-Youtube @ duropo Your suggestions are very much welcome and we fully appre…
  20. Lichess Philippine Chess Feder… duropo To Philippine chess players, I am creating a team for us. This would a…
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