Tàileasg air loidhne an-asgaidh. Cluich tàileasg ann am prògram air a bheil dreach glan. Gun chlàradh, gun sanasachd, gun fheum air plugan. Cluich tàileasg an aghaidh a’ choimpiutair, charaidean no nàimhdean air thuaiream.
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Barrachd » Fèill-chluichean fosgailte
Eastern SuperBlitz 1h 30m 11
Hourly Blitz 56m 26
Hourly HyperBullet 26m 1
Cohn 1+0 3check 30m 4
Timman 7+0 Rated 2h 1
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  1. One move... just one move likecookies you dont know when you lost for time, when you havr a one movement che…
  2. What does it take to get bette… Postbox I'm often terrible at bullet. I did find improvement (though slight) f…
  3. Which external factors have an… Postbox Being overly comfortable is problematic for me. I'll be doing some puz…
  4. Which external factors have an… legend Being tired and anxiety.
  5. Creating Chess Comic Series, N… KraftyDinner @RollBuckeyes @danegraphics Thanks you a lot! I'll make a google websi…
  6. IN 18 MONTHS, I IMPROVED MY CH… jjbipolarkitchen Thank you! Thanks jackienicholson for sharing!
  7. What does it take to get bette… Nadastar A common mistake in bullet is to start to think...
  8. Which external factors have an… Numeroid Definitely sleep is an important factor. Sometimes, even if I'm well r…
  9. how can lichess know for sure … Toutatis They get IDs and FIDE memberships etc sent to them by email, also veri…
  10. Which external factors have an… Toutatis If my cats sit on my laptop it really doesn't help. Or when the phone …
  11. Which external factors have an… chessplayer_909 For me it is losing a game that was totally winning for me. I keep thi…
  12. Which external factors have an… jvs Sleep and tiredness have a big impact. Even when I feel perfectly fres…
  13. Which external factors have an… Tantalon As for me: - I play very badly whenever I am tired or exhausted. …
  14. how can lichess know for sure … mayweather-money could not you fake that you were that person, how can lichess verify w…
  15. puzzle theme Dromihete Great learning ,it is very good for me,thx,especially puzzles with gre…
  16. Mate in 2 AyrtonTwigg Thanks all!
  17. Mouse for bullet!!! Very_Weak_Player Thanks for your advice man @Timc
  18. Engine Polished Punishment Che… MakeDeal TheUltimateBook you sound like a bad loser that can't handle a loss ag…
  19. Mate in 2 AyrtonTwigg The board is set up the way it's supposed to.
  20. Mate in 2 DragonDawgs The board is set up backwards lol
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Announcing the second edition of the glorious 24-hour chess marathon!

100,000,000 games played

Exponential growth!

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